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    Chris Hansen is offline Senior Member
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    Default Airbone lunge question

    In NW, Pavel says to squat down until your knee touches the deck and get back up. I took this to mean that your knee only lightly touches but, when I watch videos of people doing the exercise, it looks like they're actually resting their weight on the knee at the bottom position.

    Is there a "right" way to do it?

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    blutsj is offline Senior Member
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    The right way is the way your body feels most comfortable with to do. Just listen to your own body as you can judge yourself best. If both feel right, than choose the hardest version for you.

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    Striker is offline Senior Member
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    When you rest your weight on your knee you lose tension. I think that makes it harder going back up and also more difficult to do it safely especially for beginners.

    At the same time if the negative of going down is too difficult then starting at the bottom is an option for people who have the strength to push themselves up.

    Personally I prefer to barely touch the knee to keep the tension in the movement.

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    bencrush is offline Senior Member
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    I wondered about the same question regarding whether the knee touches lightly or with a bit of force behind it. Wouldn't be comfortable touching it very hard on the ground though...

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