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    I used to do swings and snatches at the top of the minute for x amount of seconds, but somehow I got away from that. Now I just set my timer and then cover it up. I snatch or swing for whatever amount feels good, put the bell down, jot that number on a piece of paper, and then go again when I feel ready.

    My recent medium swing day was 210 one handed swings in 10 minutes. And my recent snatch day was 110 snatches in 10 minutes. I'm sure both of those will be different next time, and not necessarily higher numbers. Not looking at the clock helps me focus on how I feel and not get into a position where I'm forcing myself to get more reps. It is amazing how easy it is to do that.

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    I've started to do it by how I feel also. Doing it by time is useful for testing but for practice it's not for me.

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