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Thread: Why no TGU's?

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    Knee injury, could not kneel and such, will start "again" today!

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    I am doing the ROP with a 44 pounds. My variery days (three in the week) are mainly focused on TGUs with a 53, Front Squats and Windmills.

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    Our new club members do them each training day. Our more experienced members and RKC's tend to do them as warm ups and on variety days.

    For myself I very rarely do them as a strength progression with reps and more weight. I usually just pick up a bell around 24 kgs and do them in a complex we have with snatches and TGU's. My TGU strength tags along with my one arm press very closely. I use them more to loosen up then anything.

    I am with Boris on TGU's they are not my fun time. Give me two bells to press and I have a blast but I am working when I do a TGU.
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