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    Well I thought he was cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by treesmasher View Post
    Well I thought he was cool.
    I thought his stuff seemed interesting too, and he looked like an interesting character as well. I just did a google search to learn more about him, to if he was a super-clued in hippie Dan John or Charlie Manson's younger brother leading a cult of kettlebell-worshipping serial killers, or just if he might really have any useful knowledge. Neither extreme, but still interesting nonetheless.

    One of his interesting big ideas is that he believes in doing "whole movements," that use the whole body, as opposed to exercises, that he defines as parts of whole movements. So he thinks that developing strength in harmony with the complete movement is the only functional strength, since the chain is only as strong as its weakest link, or something to that effect. Maybe, but I wonder why exercising the weak link might not help strengthen the whole chain? But there is definitely more pleasure in larger, more-complete movements. Somewhere he mentions Pavel, and it looks like he has influences of Scott Sonnen in his circular clubbell movements. His earliest stuff I found dates back to 2004 or so, by which time he had developed quite a bit of skill, so he must have gotten into kbs early on in their growth in America.

    Anyway, yeah, I completely agree, interesting moves.

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