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Thread: 207 Snatches

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    Default 207 Snatches

    At last!

    Just a general thanks for all of the great info & experience on the forum. I thought I'd contribute to the experiences:

    This was my first success with the 35lb KB in the SSST en route to the 55-pounder. I nailed 200 at 9:00 flat & should've barreled right through, but my right shoulder muscles were thoroughly cooked. Previous attempts were 187 & 160 which I attribute primarily to bad pacing and not enough intensity working the swings.

    I started the PM & KBs first time ever in April. I moved up the C&P ladders 35 & 45lb, worked 2-hand swings with 35lb throughout with 30:30 work:rest cadence, rolling the dice for time, but couldn't translate this into snatch test success - I felt winded. The third time, the charm, I moved up to 55lb C&P without difficulty, moved up to 45lb light day snatches, & one-arm 35lb swings at a 30:10 cadence the first month, then 30:5 the second month - the work interval was 10 swings left/10 swings right throughout with a flying change at the top. I paced the snatch test at the same 10/10 cadence, but no breaks, warming up with a set of 10/10 swings with the 45-pounder just to make the test with 35 feel lighter. Mentally I focused on hitting 50, 100 & 150 by 2:30, 5:00, & 7:30, locking out at the top, hiking down hard & launching through the legs. I hit 200 at 9:00 and took a 45-second pause - not because of cardiovascular fatigue, which wasn't a problem, but right shoulder muscle fatigue, then cranked out alternating single reps to the buzzer.

    My "post-game" analysis leaves me satisfied with the 30:5 training cadence on swings (at least for 12 minutes or less), convinced that 1-arm swings are the move of choice, and quite pleased with the 10-rep count - it's enough to groove an efficient pace without overtaxing the working shoulder & gives sufficient time for the opposite shoulder to recover. Now that I'm targeting the 45-lb snatch test, I've identified a couple of focus points. First, build more shoulder strength swinging with the 45-lb bell after the ladders & move up to 55-lb on light day snatches. Second, save energy on the hand switch by mastering Mike Mahler's flying snatch grip switch.

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    Awesome! My 200 time with the 16kg is at 12 minutes. I have not tried in the past 2 weeks but just have been doing snatch ladders with the 24kg and lots of one arm swings with the 24kg hoping that transfers over.

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    Good job! I'm working ladders right now with the 24kg in preparation for a run at the SSST later this month. I'm also working heavy swings with the 32kg into my prep on non snatch days to help with the grip. All the best in your training with the 20kg!

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    You might also try to work in some one arm overhead timed holds or overhead walks to improve your shoulder endurance.

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