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    Default Praise for PTTP and Easy Strength + Results

    I've been training with KB's primarily for the past couple of years, but recently acquired a 2nd hand barbell and plates.

    I've had PTTP for ages and always wanted to try out the program, and after recently buying Easy Strength, I decided to combine the Steve Justa Singles program for Deadlifts with a PTTP style cycle for barbell over head press.

    On the 1st of October, My Deadlift 1RM was 258lbs, and my barbell OHP was 100lbs.

    After following the program for 31 days, lifting everyday but 2, I retested my maxes this morning and my deadlift had gone up to 300lbs (pretty much bang on 2x my bodyweight) and my OHP had raised to 128lbs.

    Not bad for a first cycle! I think the large jump in this cycle is partly to do with "beginner gains" with barbells, after focusing on kettlebells for so long. This would explain the Deadlift, but I was more surprised with the jump in the OHP.
    I had been following the ROP for close to two years before this cycle, and it took me from a shaky press with the 16kg to being comfortable pressing the 28 bell for 4-5 reps. However, the 32kg bell just would not progress in the way I wanted it to. After a few months of practicing with the 28+32 bell, I could just about get 1 rep out of the 32kg bell, although my form was closer to a side-press than a strict military press. This was how my pressing abilility was left on the 1st October, and I hadn't touched the 32kg bell until this morning.
    I decided to see how a month of a PTTP cycle for barbell OHP would carry-over to my kb pressing... and the 32kg bell went up with ease for 2 reps either side, with minimal side-bend. This is at a bodyweight weight of 65kgs, so I feel I've achieved my 1/2 bw press.

    So for anyone who is stuck on their KB pressing, I would highly recommend following an Easy Strength/PTTP style cycle with Overhead barbell pressing for a month/6 weeks.

    A question I wished to ask on here is to do with my training plans for the next 6 months or so.
    I plan to rotate the cycle I've just completed above (obviously with weights adjusted to new 1RM) with a PTTP "The Bear" style bulking program, also with the Deadlift and Barbell OHP.

    So my next 6 months would be: 4 weeks the bear, 4 weeks Justa Singles/PTTP, 4 weeks the bear, 4 weeks Justa Singles/PTTP etc etc.

    Is this a sustainable method of getting stronger + bigger at the same time? or am I likely to burn out from all those Deadlifts?
    The reason I'm using 4 week blocks is purely because the Steve Justa DL singles cycle lasts 4 weeks, would say 2, or 6 week blocks be more beneficial?
    Thanks in advance

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    I don't know how much those programs take out of you. I would maybe build in a back off week or something.

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    Your making good progress. Seems like what you did is working so I would not make any big changes to what your doing for strength gains (if it works don't fix it). In other words "milk it". 6 weeks Pttp//6 weeks Rop with a back-off week or two in there. Keep it at 2 programs like what you did until you can reach the 1/2 bw mp press, then maybe you can do the three programs you listed - and see how that goes. For now keep the your focus narrow. My own undoing was when I thought I had it all figured out and I spread myself out too thin with too much easter egging to different programs (there all good programs btw)- losing sight of primary goals. Good job..Dennis

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    I say that plan is solid and doable. The only thing I would put in is a back off week in between cycles or whenever needed, plus the diet. You will need to ramp up your protein and calories on the Bear and drop down to cleaner diet for the PTTP. Get that dialed in and you will do great.
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