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    As a person with a long history of shoulder problems, bridges really feel good to my shoulders. I've only been doing them for ~6 months as part of my CC training. I like the way regular practice with the CC2 Trifecta open up my shoulders and gently stretch them in a way I've not ever really moved them before.

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    I don't know what kind of advice this is, but I also pay attention to what hurts and what doesn't hurt. Like the old country doctor who tells the guy "don't move your arm like that". When I do pushups, rather than saying I am going to move a certain way, when I pay attention to what hurts I can make small adjustments to the way I am moving without thinking about whether or not I am packing my shoulders or activating my lats or whatever. That is one of the advantages of the slow cadence advocated in CC. I basicall just look for a way to move that doesn't hurt and make micro adjustments on the fly. Seems to work.

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