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    Quote Originally Posted by GunnyHighway View Post
    Any recommendations?
    For warmups I do the wall-facing squats from ETK, hip-hinging with an emphasis on pushing the butt back, frog squats (less frequently). Pavel has described a very useful visualisation in connection with stretching the hamstrings, in one of his videos: imagine your femurs trying to push themselves out through your butt cheeks. There are always any number of little opportunities in everyday activities to practice hip-mobility as often as one wants.

    Incidentally, I have found that strengthening the glutes has tremendously helped me in at least two ways: oftentimes movement seems to be naturally initiated at and "controlled" by the glutes reducing the strain on the lower back, and, one is more conscious of activation, or the lack of it, in the glutes.

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    My lower back gets very sore from squats and deadlifts. This is quite normal - if you work a muscle group, it tends to get sore.

    People (myself included) tend to freak out about the lower back because it's an area prone to terrible, crippling injuries, but really it's no different than getting sore pecs / shoulders from bench pressing or sore biceps from curling, which most people don't even think twice about.

    Some individuals tend to get muscle soreness more than others. I get MS (often severe) after every single training session, and have for years. I train 4-5 times per week and have never had a serious injury from lifting. It doesn't have to be a strain or injury if it hurts. Still, if you have suspicions, go see a doctor immediately - the best solution is always the logical one.
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