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    DeviLFisH is offline Senior Member
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    Is it only I or anyone else same with me?

    ok I do ask about whats the proper way of breathing while swing in my other thread ,
    Some bros do mention , there is not fix breathing , swing up can be either breath in or our

    for my case , I noticed I can squeeze , push a bit more when I breath in while swing up instead out .

    same apply for push up and pull up after experiment my breathing ..

    but I do a research and watch some videos on youtube since like standard breathing for pull up is down breath in , up breath out.

    hmm.. I don't think it do harm right?
    As long which breathing I fine is good isn't?

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    Rich in Nor Cal is offline Senior Member
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    Better than not breathing. And healthier too!

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    You're not alone DeviLFisH, don't worry, it's normal to be able to do far fewer pullups than pushups. I for example can manage around 40 pushups consecutively, but I max out at 10 pullups.

    Pullups are notorious for being a tough exercise for a lot of people, especially because people tend to lump them together with pushups and they expect them to be of the same or comparable difficulty.

    Pushups move a fraction of your bodyweight. Pullups move practically all of it, so they are a lot harder for that reason alone, as well as the fact that most people have stronger pushing ability than pulling.

    If you've only just started adding them to your routine and you can do 4, you're actually doing pretty well I'd say. Following something like Pavels Figher Pull Up Program, most people can add 1 rep to their max every week, so a 10 rep max in 6 weeks is pretty attainable I'd say.

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    There are alot of ways and programs to improve your pullup reps. Pick one way and do it for 6-12 weeks. Most successful pullup programs build pullup reps and volume SLOWLY. Too fast and you may feel pain in the elbows or shoulders. DO NOT max out every day. Even if you do only 2 or 3 GOOD high quality full ROM pullups that is far better than a sloppy body contorting foot kicking 6-8 pullups. Have someone assist you so you can work the negative portion in a slow controlled descent. . Learn to do those few pullups you can do SMOOTHLY and seamlessly. Alot of people are limited by their weak grip. So timed bar hangs where you really squeese the bar will work the grip. Or keeping the shoulder packed - same thing do the timed bar hangs. Learn the "hollow position" for the pullup. ..Dennis

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