January’s challenge, from the tactical strength challenge group on Facebook

Is one to help get the holiday pounds off, and its Kettlebell complexes time. (Inspired by the great Pat Flynn and Geoff Neupert)

The Challenge is to do the most volume (weight (kgs) x reps) in 5 minutes, doing the following: Swings, Snatches, clean and press, squats. 5 reps each hand. So....5 Swings (left), 5 swings (right), 5 snatches (left then right), 5 clean and presses (push presses are fine, again left then right), 5 squats (racked left, then 5 racked right). Repeat.

If you put the bell down its over.
1 Kettlebell, but any weight you choose

So 1 round of the complex is 50 reps (clean and press being 2 reps), so if you did 2 rounds with a 24kg KB, that’s 100reps x 24kgs = 2,400. A great score.

Come and join the group and post your results, good luck and don’t forget the bucket.