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    DeviLFisH is offline Senior Member
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    Default back injury anyone encounter.

    been using KB for few years ,

    at most sore but yesterday as usually doing my usual kB swing.

    after finished ,

    my back pain !
    while i walk , even sleep can feel the pain at my butts/lower back areas.

    went to see doctors in my neighbourhood clinic ,
    doctors issues me some medicines to eat and tell me monitor how it go

    I cross my finger hope is just veins get sore..not .the bone problem.

    mind to ask if really bone twist you can't even walk right?

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    splitterUSMC is offline Junior Member
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    See if you can find someone who can do trigger point massage. Or do some research on trigger points to figure out where the trigger is for your particular muscle pain area and use a tennis ball or foam roller on it.

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    Rich in Nor Cal is offline Senior Member
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    Most common injury like that is a bulging disc pinching a nerve, like what is called "sciatica," but it would need to be diagnosed by a professional. This forum is poorly equipped to diagnose. First thing is to stop all exercising for a bit and maybe take some anti-inflammatories to see if it improves, as your doctor advised. If it doesn't improve, next step is to do whatever your doctor recommends, which should be to either see a professional trained to evaluate injuries to that area of the body, or at least an x-ray or mri.

    Someone else in here might be able to suggest some possibilities, but I have never had spinal problems. And if I get one in the next few days, I'm coming back in here and I'm going to blame you!

    Just kidding. But good luck with it.

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    ad5ly is offline Senior Member
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    Rest for a couple of weeks - may just be sore muscles. Just easy stretching. If you still are having pain in the glute or back of the leg after 2 weeks you need to confirm by MRI with a doctor that if it is a disc bulge or as you said a "bone problem" or why difficulty walking. I just recovered from a pinched nerve and I had stiffness and discomfort with tingling sensation down my leg. It took me about 3 months to recover. I had to suck it up and focus on recovery. I won't touch a kettlebell until March - which should be enough time to be totally in the clear. In the mean time I only do stretching and mild bodyweight exercises from CC.

    Most people will at some point in their life have back problems. It just happens. How you deal with it is what makes the difference. ..Dennis

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    I find when I strain my back it's really hard to tell whether it's a strain, sore muscles or something else. I'd just lay off for a couple of weeks. I wouldn't stretch it even as in my experience that can make it worse.

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