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    Default Weightlifting shoes vs bare foot squatting?

    I have squatted for >2 years with weightlifting shoes, then switched to the bare foot deadlift PTTP, then 2 years of bare foot kettlebells ETK. I fell for each routine over the others for some time only to conclude that they all work well.

    I plan to get busy deadlifting again, then maybe Olympic weight lifting. Does anyone where weightlifting shoes for deads, squats, cleans, jerks?

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    When I cycle I wear cycling shoes. When I run I wear running shoes. When I do Olympic lifts i wear...?

    The shoes are actually like being barefoot - hard sole? Check. Flat? Check (They may be inclined but they're still flat). They give the same amount of feedback as being barefoot but put the body in a more advantageous position to do the lifts. The purpose of using the bar and doing those lifts is to use more weight. Lifting without the shoes means less weight means less improvement.

    (And I love my Romaleos).

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    I do my bar lifting in my garage gym, so sometimes barefoot, other times I wear lace-up Speedo water shoes, so-called. They have a very thin, uncushioned sole, and with my long second toes I can't fit Vibram 5-fingers. They are also much cheaper than weightlifting shoes--I think I paid $20US for mine. They work pretty good.

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    i dunno really about "more advantageous position to do the lifts" - really - when technology has to help us move, it just raises a question for me. if you look at the history of oly lifting shoes they've changed a LOT and each time they've changed there's been a physiological sort of argument about them about why that version is more right than the previous and better than bare feet.

    guess it depends what you want for yourself.
    Personally i would seek to understand what the "advantage" supposedly is of an elevated heel - and if that's a large scale mobility crutch vs safety even for someone who can move very well - then i'd seek to understand the cost of X no. of reps to perform a particular movement with these shoes, vs the performance of the movement without them.

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    Yesterday i sought out my romaleos 2s and squatted in them. Anything more than a bodyweight squat could be argued to be unnatural. What if you had to squat on a hill MC? lol Maybe it should be studied for a few more years to see if squatting in olympic shoes is less paleo than fivefingers? Can somebody please set up a study to scientifically prove whether the awesome, rock solid, bolted to the floor feel of my romaleos is less advantageous to the goal of squatting when you aren't using a wide stance low bar squat?

    Find a shoe you like or don't and squat in them (or out of them) and be done with it if you want to squat.

    Or don't.

    To answer the OPs question I squat in Nike Romaleos weightlifting shoes. They are wonderful. I also wear TK Knee bands that are not paleo but keep my knees very warm and feeling so nice.

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