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    Thumbs up Paul Wade discusses the OAHP on roundtable, great stuff!

    My friend, #1 Dragon Door author Paul Wade (who some people think is me) was recently part of a roundtable discussion on Check it out: How to Gain One-Arm Handstand Push-Up

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    I'm sure that it can be done. There was a video of a shot-putter doing it facing the wall with a small angle.

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    A very interesting discussion from all parties involved, and always amazing to hear more from Wade. A little teaser in there for CC3 too (I'm sure wolfeye will be pleased ), progressions for front and back flips? Very interesting! I know I can't wait!

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    Yeah, it gets my mouth watering! Been wondering about how to do flips on & off, could never wind up doing them when I tried it & figured there was some nuance I was missing. I'll admit to a mild curiosity as to what else is in the book. LOL So far I think it's: reflexes, cardio, back flips, and explosive quickness. Should be bad ass! I wonder if he'll throw anything in about hand conditioning & such? Might be useful & I'll be he knows some unsung things about it (plus it's kind of related to striking power- not breaking your hand with it, at least).

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