We are very pleased to announce a second RKC instructor certification workshop for 2013 in Marlboro, New Jersey.
The workshop will be led by Master RKC, Thomas Phillips
Save $800 when you register for the Marlboro RKC by July 26.
In line with Dragon Door’s mission to provide advanced training resources to meet the need the functional needs of the complete athlete, we have significantly upgraded the RKC program.

We have also lowered the tuition investment to ensure that any serious trainer or coach can reasonably afford to become certified in the world’s leading kettlebell certification program.

Here’s what participants had to say about their experience at
the first Marlboro RKC:


“The RKC is only for those who want to take already skilled technique to the next level. It is a graduate college (so to say) for strength.

As a fitness manager for TSI NYSC in Livingston, I work with trainers all the time. I would not train with anyone, other than an RKC or HKC certified instructor because they can walk the walk while talking the talk. Amazing team and leaders by example.”


“I thought Thomas Phillips did an excellent job. The entire team together has so many different strengths I felt like they addressed lots of my weak points and had great ability to help me change bad patterns. Amazing. I haven’t been this inspired to reinvent my approach ever before.”


“My three days at the RKC were extremely beneficial for me in many ways. The expert instruction by the RKC staff enabled me to make small revisions to my technique. These revisions/adjustments made a world of difference for me.

Superb instructors. Extremely knowledgeable. Treated everyone with respect. Accommodating, firm. Talk the talk and walk the walk.

This training ranks high. Physical training has been a part of my life and I have received instruction from many different agencies, associations, military and law enforcement. I am proud to be a member of the RKC.”


“Great team of instructors! Very serious and helpful – I found the three days of training (hard work) to be an amazing learning experience.

Practical use, quality, material and physical exercise outweighed information learned in any other training I have attended.”


“I’m overwhelmed by how much my skills have improved in the past 3 days thanks to the level of coaching. I’m honored to be a part of the RKC community and show the instructors their time did not go wasted.

As a martial artist, the RKC felt right at home. Nothing is given, all is earned. The hard work needed to succeed in the RKC was phenomenal. I can honestly say I am leaving the RKC STRONGER. The scope of material to cover was just right, not too much – not too little.”

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