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    Nov 2008

    Default Workout for Musicians

    I am a singer/guitar player
    the kettleball workouts have improved my playing(along with practice)
    I think breathing in rythem on moves like clean and press carries over to rythem in music
    the breathing also helps my singing strength and endurence
    Pavel possibly a new avenue to explore training singers??
    Thanks for the help
    if your lucky I'll toss out your name on vh1 legends(haha)

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    Nov 2008

    Default Re: Workout for Musicians

    Pavel did an awesome article for PL USA awhile back where he discusses power breathing, I can't remember wich issue though. There is picture of him blowing up a hot water bottle.

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    Default KBs Carry Over to Toilet Cleaning... ...

    Hey! - KBs also carry over to toilet cleaning! Hehe... Just joking! KBs do have a lot of carry over to lots of stuff. Power to you! - Kian.

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