I tested my squat and bench press yesterday evening, after completing a Sheiko cycle.

My all out max at the start of this cycle was 240kg X 2 reps, 250kg X 1 rep; legs could push more, but my back was weak...

Yesterday I did a very hard 300kg squat, after an easy 280kg and a hard 290kg. Maybe I could add some more pounds, but I had no spotters, flimsy squat posts (guaranteed to 160kg max).

Bench press: went down 10kg (from a hard 180kg to a hard 170kg; failed at 177kg and 180kg)

Now I will test my Deadlift too

PS: Do NOT understand that Sheiko does not work well on Benchpress: it brought me a clean 5kg progress when I run it several years ago (the one displayed in "Beyond Bodybuilding", bench press specialization), while I was doing the Smolov for Squats. Several month later, I had a injury on my right pec after running the German Volume Training (or it was the Advanced version? I do not remember...), while trying a 200kg max.