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    Thumbs up Convict Conditioning, The Ultimate Bodyweight Squat Course, now as Video on Demand

    With Dragon Door’s new Video on Demand service, you can now invest in unlimited viewings of Dragon Door’s advanced training programs, for as little as $19.77!

    This week's spotlight falls on Paul Wade's Convict Conditioning, Volume 2: The Ultimate Bodyweight Squat Course. And, yes, for just $19.77 you get to watch it as many times as you want…

    GET Dynamic, Chiselled, Power-Jack Legs and Develop Explosive Lower-Body Strength—With Paul “Coach” Wade’s Ultimate Bodyweight Squat Course

    Paul Wade’s Convict Conditioning system represents the ultimate distillation of hardcore prison bodyweight training’s most powerful methods. What works was kept. What didn’t, was slashed away. When your life is on the line, you’re not going to mess with less than the absolute best. Many of these older, very potent solitary training systems have been on the verge of dying, as convicts begin to gain access to weights, and modern “bodybuilding thinking” floods into the prisons. Thanks to Paul Wade, these ultimate strength survival secrets have been saved for posterity. And for you…

    Filmed entirely—and so appropriately—on “The Rock,” Wade’s Convict Conditioning Ultimate Bodyweight Squat Course explodes out of the cellblock to teach you in absolute detail how to progress from the ease of a simple shoulderstand squat—to the stunning “1-in-10,000” achievement of the prison-style one-leg squat. Ten progressive steps guide you to bodyweight squat mastery. Do it—and become a Bodyweight Squat Immortal.

    Paul Wade adds a bonus Ten Commandments for Perfect Bodyweight Squats—which is worth the price of admission alone. And there’s the additional bonus of 5 major Variant drills to add explosivity, fun and super-strength to your core practice.

    Whatever you are looking for from your bodyweight squats—be it supreme functional strength, monstrous muscle growth or explosive leg power—it’s yours for the progressive taking with Convict Conditioning, Volume 2: The Ultimate Bodyweight Squat Course.

    Navy SEAL on the road

    “My whole team uses it. We can work out effectively anywhere and I mean anywhere!”—Tyler Archer, Navy

    Complex Made Simple

    “Having read both Convict Conditioning and Convict Conditioning 2, the complementary DVD series is an excellent translation of the big six movement progressions into a simple to follow DVD. The demonstration of movement progression through the 10 levels is well described and easy to follow.

    As a Physical Therapist it is a very useful way to teach safe progressions to patients/clients and other professionals. I have already used Volume I (the push up progression) to teach high school strength coaches how to safely progress athletes with pressing activity and look forward to using volume 2 with these same coaches. I think anyone who studies movement realizes very few athletes can properly squat with two legs, let alone one.

    You will not find an easier way to teach the squat. Well done again Paul. Look forward to the rest of the series.” —Andrew Marchesi, Scottsdale, AZ
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    The link actually goes to a dead page on facebook. Copy and pasting the URL works, though.

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    How many dvd's are there for CC? Push ups, Pull ups, Squats... any of the others?

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    Eoin Kenny, yes! There's the other four CC titles available and several other popular options too: Home | Dragon Door
    Adrienne Harvey, Senior PCC Instructor, RKC Level 2, CK-FMS, Fitness Strategist, Content Strategist
    Personal journey blog, recipes, workouts and fun:

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