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    Default What is the best fat bar?

    Does anyone train with the rogue axle, el gorgo, or homemade fat bars?

    Do you do the clean and press without rotating collars?

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    I've got a fat scaffolding bar clamped to my home made chinup bar. Its hard to hang on one arm and calluses get too painful after a while. Muscle ups are harder to perform and it can get frustrating. However if you want scary looking forearms then the fat bar is right for you.

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    I don't know a lot of people who C&P with axles. They are mostly for working the grip for grip sport, or working on the Continental Press for strongman competitors.

    I bought a solid cold rolled steel bar (2" diameter), and happened to have Oly plates with holes large enough that they all fit well on it. Bumper plates probably would not fit. It weighs 75#, but was only about $120 with local pick-up. The rogue bar and others will be more expensive due to shipping, etc. Black widow also sells a variety of specialty bars as well. I have their Swiss bar and it is well made and well priced.

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