I am new to this forum and I have a few questions related to the VWC MVO2 Boost protocol. I have read Kenneth Jay's VWC book and I have been doing the VWC VO2 max training for two months and it is going great. I really like the program and I've been following the protocols in the same fashion explained in the book. I finished the 15:15 MVO2 and I am in my second week of the 36:36 MVO2. I have three questions and would appreciate your clarification:
1) After I finish the 36:36 MVO2, I plan to do the MVO2 Boost. The way that I understand the sequence is that the rest periods (45 sec, 1.5 min) take place right after the completion of each single set combination (15 sec left + 15 sec right, then take a rest and repeat for a total 3 sets of 15sec, and then similarly follow with the 30 sec sets sequence and 1.5 min rest each time and repeat according to sessions 1,2,3 etc), correct?
2) The MVO2 Boost calls out for a three-week duration, but at 3 workouts a week, it would take me almost five weeks to complete the 14 sessions, do I stay with three Boost workouts a week or should I do four to finish in three weeks?
3) During the MVO2 Boost, should I reduce my strength training (barbell/dumbells) from three times a week to say twice?
Thanks, in advance.