I finished a Sheiko routine (the CMS-MS Prep 2 template and the peaking cycle) and I feel I cannot take another pure powerlifting routine to the end...

After spending some years doing full body routines, I would switch to the 1 muscle group/day routine to make something really different before taking a new powerlifting cycle. Maybe embark in the Advanced German Volume Training after that, in preparation for another Sheiko challenge (or even the Smolov...).

Any advice for those of you who performed the STRONG AS YOU LOOK series before? Something to be extra careful about or...?!

PS: Got a 10kg+ increase in body mass in these 11 weeks of doing the Sheiko program, which is quite remarkable since the 6 week high volume phase was terrible, and I added some extra workouts in between the prescribed training sessions (mainly lat work with machines and cables, some extra triceps band work about 3 biceps training session, nothing too strenuous but it added to the general volume big time )

Thank you for taking your time reading and eventually answering this, comrades!