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    Default Questions about the bent press.

    Recently (within the past couple weeks) I have decided to add Bent Presses into my routine (I have done windmills for years). I was hoping that some users here have had long term experience with the bent press and could answer some questions for me.

    1. Have you had any problems from heavy bent pressing (bodyweight plus)?
    2. Did you run into any movement pattern problems from high volume (from a week of working on it everyday, I am finding it makes my bilateral movements feel weaker)?
    3. Do you still bent press, why or why not?

    Thanks for any advice!

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    1. I didn't get up to that high of weight. My best was 135 at about a weight of 185. But no I don't remember having problems with it. How much are you doing?
    2. Not that I noticed. I wouldn't think it would lead to movement problems unless you stopped doing all other movements.
    3. Not currently. Don't have good overhead space where I work out right now, also its not my goal. But I'll certainly get back to it in the future.
    Logan Christopher
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    Logan, thanks for the reply.
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