I just wanted to share something that has helped me to achieve measurable progress each year. It was actually my wife's idea.

I pick two measurable goals (i.e. gain 18 lbs of muscle).
One of which is physical one of which is relaxing (last year I had read 18 novels).

I make a bet with my wife about who will reach their goals by the end of the year.

Then I pick a process (i.e. the method I'm going to get to my goal with, last year I started drinking a half gallon of milk every morning to gain weight). If my process goal isn't working I switch it (the process is never the goal). Anything else I want to achieve that year is just for fun.

I never harass myself for not achieving or dumping one of these fun goals. It doesn't bother me if I change processes. All that matters is the measurable goal at the end of the year. And I make it easy enough to achieve so I don't lose motivation.

Good luck with the new year!