We did a very solid Kettlebell Workout on Friday, so I changed things up with a total Bodyweight workout for the Saturday Morning Class.

After the compulsory Rope Jumping, Bo Staff and Free Hand Stretching, we got into some movement by playing Follow the Leader. Me being in the lead, we went up the floor with one movement, jogged back down the floor and repeated the exercise for 2 or 3 passes. The movements were:
Bear Crawls. Lizard Walks, Walk the Plank Push-ups, BJJ Ab Crawl, Sumo Steps, Sideway Shuffles and Lunge Steps. It was now time for the Rotations.

45 seconds on, 15 seconds of rest. 6 Stations and 4 rotations. We had 12 students of varying levels of fitness and abilities. I demonstrated several variations of the different movements so all of the students would know what exercises fit their level. Listed below are some examples of what we did.

Hand Stands
Free Handstands, Wall Stands, Crow Stands, Toad Stools

Skewed, Pistols, Split Squats, Lunges, Hindu, Deep, Plyo

Plank (Australian), Tactical, Levers

Spiderman, 1 Arm, Plyo, Knuckle, Tiger, Archer, Palm Heel, Extended, Skewed

Flat, Straight, Runner's, High, One Legged, Table Top

Hanging (Knees, Full Jackknife, Windshield Wiper), Wheel of Death, Concave