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    Default Convict Conditioning Progression Question

    This is a question to anyone who has had experience in the Convict Conditioning book . The author says to start at step one on each of the Big Six and each week to add one rep to slowly build up your strength. Near the end in the "Smart Way" paragraph, he says it will approximately take you one month to move from Step One to Step Two and another month to Step Three and so on. My question here is if you're adding one rep per week on an exercise, you'd only have added a grand total of 4 reps in a month, which isn't even close to being able to progress to the next step.

    Let's take Step One of the Push up Series for Example:

    Beginner Standard: 1 set of 10 reps----- Intermediate Standard: 2 Sets of 25-------Progression Standard 3 sets of 50

    As you can see, if you start on the beginner standard and add 1 rep a week, you've only added up to 1 set of 14 throughout the whole month and it'll take you well over 50 weeks just to get to step 2. So how are you supposed to move on to the Step Two within a month like he says in the "Smart Way"?

    Also as a sidenote, I'm doing the "Good Behavior" routine

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    Default Good luck on your CC journey...

    I have everybody push themselves as hard as they safely can every workout.

    What i do to ensure that they spend enough time on the easy steps is this:

    (Example pushups on good behavior)

    Wk1: wall pushups x 1 set as many reps as possible
    (Assume they did at least the beginner standard)
    Wk2: wall pushups x 2 sets as many reps as possible
    (Assume they did at least the intermediate standard)
    Wk3: wall pushups x 3 sets as many reps as possible
    (Assume they did at least the progression standard)
    Wk4: incline pushups x 1 set as many reps as possible
    ...repeat above process.

    If they meet the progression standard for the current level, but can't meet the beginners standard for the next level, then I have them do as many of the next progression as possible x 1 set, and then do the 2-3 sets from the progression standard of the current level.

    Having used the program for a while, I think that the comment about adding 1 rep a week has more to do with the higher levels when someone is at the edges of their current fitness level and progress is slower coming.

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    Progress at the best rate you can. You are correct that that does seem to be an inconsistency in the book although I took the one-month-per-step to apply to someone with solid experience, but ultimately as long as your form is good then add reps as you can. There's no competition and no rules as to what is the right rate.

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