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    Default Advice on training frequency and the Pistol

    So I recently decided that my strength training is going to be based on gymnastic type exercises. For one, they are effective and two the are a lot of fun and I love the idea of mastering my body more than just moving weight. And they require your body to work as a unit which is functional. I am currently working on the following for my routine: Planche, Handstand, Single-Arm Pullup, Superman Plank and the Pistol. I am going for pure strength and execution of the move here, not beach muscles. After recently purchasing the "Naked Warrior" I started training on a daily basis each move. But I have to tell you I am sore as hell. I wonder if I should take more time off. I feel that if I do them 2 day in a row, I am stronger the 2nd day. But on the third day feel noticeably fatigued. And I feel weaker. Perhaps I should do 2 days on then one day off. These for the most part are not rep moves but static holds. I don't know if that should effect my training schematic. Also, I have trouble with my heel coming off the ground at the bottom position on the pistol so I could use some advice on that as well. Thank you all.

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    Default Bodyweight Recommendations

    As an example, if you were following the Convict Conditioning protocol, you would want to follow a Split Routine. 3 exercises one day, 3 another. Do this for 6 days and rest one day. I would combine Handstands, with Squats and Pull-ups. On the next day do your Push-ups, Bridges and Abs. Be careful with the one-arm pull-ups, they wreaked havoc on my elbows - but hen again I engage in other activities that are not elbow friendly as well, so you may be OK.
    For pure strength in movement, you want to practice sets of 1 to 5 reps. However, this may get boring. I mix in a variety of exercises and also do higher reps on certain days. It's good to hit your body differently. CHeck out my Snow Day & Hotel Room Workouts listed in my forum on this site.

    Good luck with your training!

    Strength & Honor,

    Coach Phil
    Phil Ross, Master RKC, 8th Degree Black Belt, PCC, CK-FMS, Bodyweight Specialist
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