We are very pleased to announce our first ever RKC instructor certification workshop in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The workshop will be led by Master RKC, Andrea Du Cane
Save $500 when you register for the Sioux Falls RKC by February 28
Here is what some recent participants have had to say about their experience at Dragon Door’s upgraded RKC workshops:
“I learned more in 3 days than I did in 6 years. I highly recommend investing the time and money to help better yourself and clients.”—Roberto Ortega, Newtown, PA

“As a martial artist, the training the RKC provides me with is the most beneficial type of training I can do. I believe any athlete not training in this way is being foolish.”—Zachary Fox, Wyckoff, NJ

“I have been to several certification courses in my life. (AFAA, TRX, Crossfit, NASM, Les Mills, etc). This is by far the most I’ve ever learned in a weekend course. The material is priceless and I will be able to share this knowledge with others.”—Cesar Sevilla, McAllen, TX

“I am amazed at the depth of knowledge, all the different finer points used to make each exercise successful, safe and beneficial. I have been practicing KBs for 10 years now. The info, training and knowledge I have received from Dragon Door has changed everything about how I train, and how I move in all areas of life. Being resilient and injury free is a testament to how well it works.”—Chris Meredith, London, OH

“This was one of the most intensely educational and invigorating weekends I’ve ever experienced. Everyone was very knowledgeable and easily understood. They made corrections without hesitation while keeping you engaged. Covered an incredible amount of information with great thoroughness. The application of exercise and principle were amazing beyond comparison. One of the most in depth and involved certs I’ve ever known.”—Charles Bryant, Durham, NC

“It was a very challenging and rewarding experience. The instructors are incredible. It’s a top-notch certification and to become RKC is an honor not a privilege you can get by just attending.”—Mike Westerdal, Clearwater, FL

“It was an excellent course and I came away with a much deeper level of skill and knowledge then I came in with. This course has brought me to the “next level” both as a trainer and as an athlete. The best instructor course in any discipline I’ve ever taken.”—Jason Kapnik, New York, NY

“The RKC training weekend gave me the quality instruction I needed to improve my ability to help my clients and was an incredible challenge. The training atmosphere was focused on just that, training.

Having been through numerous physical raining programs, from various program sin the U.S. Marines to various seminars in the civilian world, nothing has compared to the quality of instruction I received during this 3-day training.”—Dan Ohlstein, Alexandria, VA

Now available: pay for your workshop in three equal, monthly installments.

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