I have been using a 16kg kettlebell for a month now doing the following routine every other day. I am looking for any other additional exercises to mix it up a bit and any thoughts or comments on the workout. I have definitely gained a lot of strength and stamina but am concerned that I will eventually get bored doing same thing. Also, ready to move up to next weight 20kg or 24kg? Thank you.

Around the body - 10 each direction
Figure Eights - 10 each direction
20 swings 20 push ups
Turkish Get Up - 5 each side
One Arm Swings - 10 each side
Calf raises - 50x
High Pull - 10 each side
20 swings 20 push ups
Goblet Squats - 20x
Pullovers - 10x
Bent Over Row - 10 each side
Press Aways - up, out, down 5x
20 swings 20 push ups
Cleans - 10 per side
Put on shelf - rack, lunge, stand up, turn opposite way - 10 per side
Snatch - 10 per side
Single leg deadlift - 10 per side
20 swings 20 push ups
Jerk - 10 per side
Bicep Curl Military Press - 10x
Step Back Lunge Press - 10 per side
Windmills - 10 per side
20 swings 20 push ups
Russian twist - Max