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    Default Convict Conditioning Routine Question

    Hey guys
    I recently finished Convict conditioning book, and have a question that I couldn't found the answer anywhere else. It's probably a dumb question since no one even bothered to ask it.

    In the routines, Paul Wade says, for example, 2-3 work sets. That "2-3" in referring to the 2-3 sets you'll do anyway, or it's doing those 2-3 sets 2-3 times? I mean, should I be doing like 9 sets in the routine?

    Thanks in advance

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    2-3 sets total.
    Not a dumb question, you are supposed to warmup with a couple of the easier exercises, these are warmup sets. When he says work sets, he is referring to the actual workout, which depending on the level your at will be 2-3 sets.

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