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Thread: Trying To Master Getup

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    Default Trying To Master Getup

    Have used kettlebells for years for swings, snatches, C & P's, but never felt the urge to do TGU's till now.

    One question: When I have the bell raised in my right arm and right leg with foot flat and the knee raised, and am ready to rotate by body to the left and then raise it - how much rotation towards the left should be permitted in the right leg? Have watched several examples on Youtube and some people first rotate the right leg about 45 deg. Some rotate very little. What is ideal?

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    I went through my KETTLEBELLS FROM THE GROUND UP (KBFTGU) book, - I did not find anything written in the book about what you are asking but the pictures in the book clearly show that there is no inward rotation of the knee (of the working side) .. BTW if you really want to "master" the TGU - YOU NEED THIS BOOK AND DVD. This is no lie. This book is GOLDEN!!...Dennis
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    I agree with Dennis, kettle bells from the ground up 1 & 2 is one of the best products I have ever purchased. Definitely worth the money and more.

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