An Interview with Moritz Rammensee, RKC Team Leader, PCC Instructor, CK-FMS, Primal Move Instructor
Dragon Door: What inspired your early start with strength and conditioning?
Moritz Rammensee: I started strength training at the age of 16 because of bodybuilding. The first training routine I did was a bodybuilding-based five day split. This was my first contact with lifting weights. I didn't have a coach or teacher, but trained by myself or with a good friend.
After finishing school at age 18, I chose to work for the community as a licensed fitness coach. In Germany, when you finish school you either serve in the military for at least one year or do something for the community. I studied on my own, then tested for three days in a row to get my license. I used what I studied to improve my own training and the training I was doing with my friends. Soon more friends started coming to me for programs and tips for strength and conditioning. I had fun helping them, and after hearing them say I was doing a good job, I began to consider fitness training as a career.

Two years later, I met a personal trainer from Munich who was coaching a friend of mine. I’ve played basketball with this friend since we were very young and noticed he’d gotten a lot bigger and stronger. At the time I was beginning to struggle with my standard fitness programs and realized this personal trainer must be doing something right.

After being introduced, I hired him to coach me. Soon, he asked if I would be interested in becoming a personal trainer and working with him in the new business he was just starting. I learned a lot working with him—including all my basic coaching skills. He also introduced me to the Functional Movement System (FMS), and I went to Holland for an FMS workshop in 2009.

In 2010, I heard that kettlebells fit perfectly with FMS and that someone in Munich was working with them. I was a little skeptical, but attended an HKC to learn more. At the HKC, I met Robert Rimoczi who was hosting the workshop, and Peter Lakatos who was a master instructor at the time. After passing the HKC and using the information for half a year I realized that the kettlebell and RKC system was very powerful.

I wanted to learn more and signed up to train with Robert twice a week in preparation for the RKC in August of 2012. I went to the to the RKC in Hungary with a handful of other guys from "Team Germany". I had put a lot of pressure on myself, because I’d signed up for the CK-FMS in the following December. Thankfully I passed, because I ended up loving the CK-FMS workshop too!

Dragon Door: What made you the most skeptical about kettlebells at first?

Moritz Rammensee: Before kettlebells, I was lifting heavy weights for 1.5-2 hours, 5 days a week and having decent progress. When someone came along and said that I could swing a 16kg kettlebell for 15 minutes and have the same effect, I didn’t believe it. I was so skeptical that... read the complete interview here: An Interview with Moritz Rammensee, RKC Team Leader, PCC, CK-FMS, Primal Move Instructor | Success Stories - News | Dragon Door