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    Default Anybody Do Any Bulgarian Bag Stuff?

    I saw this a while ago, but I just recently thought it a good idea: Bulgarian bag training. It seems you can do quite a bit with them (swinging it around, moving the bag on its own, and moving yourself with the bag as weight). I saw something about making them with the inner tube of a car tire (although that can be hard to find, since tubeless tires are fairly common).

    I was hoping that maybe someone could fill me in on the finer nuances of using the bag, since it DOES seem like the kind of thing you could hurt your back with if you used it wrong (at least for the swings around your head).

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    I have one from Suples Ltd. It has the red straps (medium weight I think maybe 25lbs?? maybe more?? not sure at this time) You can do alot of kettlebell type movements with them. Great for shoulder mobility work. But kettlebells can do all that too. Looking back I wish I would have spent the money on another kettlebell instead of a Bulgarian Training Bag. They ARE expensive. Its a great tool, don't get me wrong, but like I said kbs cover most of the territory that BTBs do. One advantage of the BTB is that you can transport it on foot alot easier than a kb. Just wear it across your shoulders and walk or jog to the park. I tell you I do get alot of stares when I go out jogging with it. BTBs are not very familiar here in Oklahoma and people will wonder WTF over! I do enjoy incorporating the BTB with my Warrior Diet plan. At times, just for shits and giggles I use the BTB to simulate the hunter-warrior carrying a dead animal home for evening feast. Seems to add some drama to the WD. But don't eat the a steak instead!!...hehe!!...If you can DIY a BTB, and see how you may like one. Sand bag training is pretty close to a BTB, and you could use an old military style Seabag/Duffle bag..Youtube has lots of BTB training drills too...Dennis

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