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What did you read? I have been taught that the problem or injury comes from lack of stability and motor control, then pain and injury as a result of dysfunction.
I understand your lack of faith in practitioners, due to your past experiences. But it seems like even you understand that something isn't working right on a muscle skeletal level.
How can you know what to fix however without an assessment?
Everyone can tell you their opinions on here, but what is your guarantee that it will work?

I know personally, that most of instability issues have stemmed out of a muscle in a pattern not firing at the right time or at all.

As Moses said earlier, it is really not possible for any of us to give you advice without seeing you in person and screening you.
I know it's frustrating and expensive to find a solution to a complex problem.
Another system you might try is Rolfing -Structural Integration: Rolf Institute of Structural Integration
It works by realigning the muscles on the skeletal system and therefore may help to realign your muscles and allow them to function normally.

At this point it is a matter of finding the right approach for YOU. What works for one person does not necessarily work for another.

I do agree that you need to release your external rotator muscles as you strength your internal rotators and adductors.
What ever you do don't give up!