Workout of the Week: Lifting Heavy Bells By Master RKC, Andrew Read
Life is hard and most of us are facing the very real prospect that what we’d like to do is limited by what we can actually achieve. For those of us who are trainers we see clients every day who are limited by their range of movement more than their lack of desire.

The fitness world has made a killing from creating ways for you to exercise and add stress to the body even when you shouldn’t. By putting you in a seated position and using fixed planes of motion equipment manufacturers have actually made the problems worse, not better.

For many the goal of a heavy kettlebell press can seem very far off. Most likely this is for people training for RKCII, but it is a good goal for those who have no desire to ever attend a certification too. The most common pressing goal is a.....Read more on the RKC Blog now:Workout of the Week: Lifting Heavy Bells | RKC School of Strength