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Thread: hey im new here! is my snatch form ok? (video)

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    Default hey im new here! is my snatch form ok? (video)

    Hello. Ive taken a few lessons with strongfirst instructors.. but I'm not sure if im doing my kb snatch with good form.. Some people I know say yes, and some say no. What do you guys think?

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    Right now the thing that stands out the most is the arc of the bell on the way up. You can shorten the arc by adding in a slight elbow bend. Remember the snatch is not about "swinging" the bell overhead. There is actually a float a little above head level followed by a upward punch. Taming this arc will help eliminate the pounding on the back of the forearm. The "punch” will help eliminate the loose shoulder and feeling of the bell pulling your arm back.
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    That depends on how long you've been snatching, if you're new to it, I'd say it's pretty ok, but there's room for improvement.

    Like Aaron says, your arc can be tighter, and you could do more by pulling back on your kettlebell and then punching up, that'll tighten your arc some. Right now, your kettlebell looks like its making a revolution around your fist, a slow in your momentum could bring the bell crashing into your forearm.

    1. On top of that I'd say to work on your swing more, it seems like your hip drive's a little weak. It seems like you're using the return momentum of bell to pull it up, your hip should be creating the force to drive the bell upwards.
    2. Also on the way down, you shouldn't be swing your bell around your hand. Roll the bell around your hand, and as your hand passes between your legs, you'd should already be rotating your hand so that your thumb points backwards.
    3. Check your breathing, it sounds like you're only only breathing out at the apex of the swing. I think it should be breathing out as you snatch the bell upwards.

    Check out Ksenia Dedyukhina's snatch:

    You'll notice that on the way down, she doesn't fling the bell forwards, and you can see her rotate the bell around her forearms, though you can't really see her thumb pointing backwards when the bell passes between her legs.

    One of the subtle nuances that took me quite a while to realise is that on the down "swing", you don't actually swing it down like a swing, you sorta rotate the bell around your forearm, to a downward drop that's a tight arc, and you lean back very slightly so that the weight of the bell is going down the centre line of your vertical knee line and through the centre of your feet. The bell shouldn't be creating forward momentum that'll pull your shoulders out of your socket.
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    I would actually go back one step and practice doing the one arm swing. Use a bell size heavier than the one that you are using for your snatch. This will help you be more explosive on your snatch and of course listen to the others.
    All in all not bad, especially if you just started doing it!

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    Aaron hit the nail on the head with the shortening the arc of the bell and being more explosive at the hips. Powerful hip drive+shorter arc= efficient and strong snatch. Comrade Cat has some good points, but the technique shown in the video link differs from the hardstyle technique. There's nothing wrong with it, but it's different than what would be taught at an RKC. I cue a Mr. Myagi "paint the fence" cue for the hand motion. Your hand is the paint brush going up and down. Hope that helps. Keep us posted.

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