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Thread: Pullups

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    Henri is offline Junior Member
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    Default Pullups

    Hi guys :-)

    I'm want to work my way up using the 6 powermoves (Convict conditioning).
    I have started at the beginning with the first exercises and then working my way up. I have been working out using this method for 1/2 year now.
    When it comes to pull ups I'm at step 2 - Horizontal pulls and I would like to know whetever I should breathe in or out during the contraction movement. In step 1 - you learn to breathe in, when contracting. So i would like to know whetever this kind of breathing pattern should be used in all the rest steps as well?
    Normally I think the breathing should be to exhale, when contracting the muscles.

    Best regards


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    Eoin Kenny is offline Senior Member
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    Definitely breath out as you go up. That's my opinion anyway, and pretty much everyone else.

    Be careful that the bar isn't too low for that step, I don't think it should really take 6 months to progress through it. Start with one around sternum height, maybe even neck height, and lower it as you can do 3*30.

    All the best.

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    joby848 is offline Junior Member
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    Hello, Henri

    The pullups or rather the rowing movements are a little different from other movements in terms of breathing in my opinion.

    Personally, when I do pullups or rows, I breathe the opposite of pushing movements. Whenever I do pullups depending on what steps I do, I would inhale as much as I can when I'm at dead hang position of pullups before the beginning of contraction then hold my breath until my chin is above the bar and exhale during my lowering part of pullups.

    Hope that helps!


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    ComradeCat is offline Senior Member
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    I've read quite a few articles on the Interwebz about this, but at the end of the day, it would appear that what is best for you is the right approach. I started with breathing in as I lower myself, and breathing out as I contract and pull towards the bar.

    Then I read on some CrossFit Journal that you'd need to breathe in before you pull to brace the core and breathe out as you are lowering.

    Then another book suggested breathing in during the concentric phase and breathing out during the eccentric.

    After a few rounds of experimentation, I've come to the conclusion that whichever approach helps you brace strongly during the pulling phase, and helps you relax your muscles but still promoting power transmission throughout your body as you lower yourself is the right technique.

    Some people brace better with a full chest, some as they've fully exhaled. Just find the combination that gives you the strongest core contraction during both phases would be the right for you.

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    I've always read to exhale when exerting, in this case this would be at the top of the movement. That makes sense as you are squeezing your muscles.

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