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    Default ‘Superhuman’ Rescues Man From Burning SUV

    So, we see these stories every once in a while — a seemly superhuman strength in a moment of crisis.
    “Call him the ‘super samaritan’ after seeing a fellow driver’s SUV engulfed in flames.”(Via Fox News)
    “The driver couldn’t get out until the other man defied the limits of human strength.”(Via CBS)

    The ‘superman’ talk is coming out of Minnesota, where Bob Renning pulled Mike Johannes out of his burning SUV Sunday night, saving his life.
    'Superhuman' Rescues Man From Burning SUV - The Epoch Times

    I always find these stories to be fascinating to say the least! Wanted to share and hope you guys enjoy!

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    Thanks for the link! That was an entertaining read. Especially with the strength aspect.
    Ben Edwards - certified COC
    Goal Oriented Training Blog

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    No problem at all! Glad you found it interesting. I mean the whole reason I posted it here was for the strength aspect.

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