I am pleased to introduce Katie Petersen as a new RKC Team Leader. Along with Robert Alexander Miller, Katie has been tearing it up for Dragon Door in the Chicago area—and we expect 2015 to be a banner year as a result for both the RKC and PCC programs. Katie is a very accomplished and dedicated strength athlete and we are honored that she has agreed to join our team. Here is more about Katie in her own words:
"There is an athlete in everyone, and unearthing that physical and mental toughness harvests an inner strength that can transcend all aspects of your life. My work is not just about losing weight or getting stronger; it is about becoming empowered. I work hard to make my clients work hard. I have been helping others tap into their own wellness and strength potential in the heart of Chicago since 2006. My sole objective is to cultivate the program and environment where my clients can grow strong, healthy, powerful, and confident.

I first picked up a kettlebell in 2006. I had the privilege of working with very skilled trainers who helped me paint my own training philosophy. I loved the way the kettlebell workouts made me feel--challenged, powerful, connected. You cannot just do. You have to learn; think; practice; then, accurately execute. I liked that it was hard...that I couldn’t master each movement without working hard. We don’t become better by just “going through the motions”. I train my clients as I train myself, with purpose.

I began training for figure competitions in 2008 and put off my goal to go through the RKC for several years as I climbed the national ranks. In 2012, after my last competitive season, I started attending Rob Miller's (Sr. RKC) classes and rediscovered my passion for kettlebell training. Within the next year, I certified both Level I and II of the RKC.

I integrate kettlebells into all of my training and teach several classes each week to spread the benefit of the RKC system. The kettlebell has proven to be the most effective tool in helping my clients and fellow trainers drastically improve their strength, physique, mobility, and overall body awareness. Their success is infectious. The more I teach, the more I learn.

It has been an inspiring journey to be both teacher and the student at all times. Being a part of the Dragon Door community has pushed me to grow as an athlete, coach, motivator, and leader. For that, I couldn’t be more grateful."