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    My top two suggestions would be: Analysis of Shaolin Chin Na (the second edition) by Yang Jwing-Ming and The Systema Guidebook by Konstantin Komarov. Another one, even though it's not specifically a martial arts book, is Survivng the Economic Collapse by Fernando Aguire.

    The first two get into training quite a bit more than the last one, but the last one is probably the best start-off book on actual fighting I've seen. Keep in mind that fights do frequently go in a street-fighting way & that the other guy's probably not just going to let you do it.

    Systema is very interesting, but is hard to learn from books- demonstrations tend to be better with that (although actually picking it up would be best done with practice, so you can get a feel for it & develop a skill at actually doing it). One of the best things about it is that you can generally integrate the stuff you learn into your regular street-fighting stuff, that way you have better & better skills as you go- instead of having a complete shift onto something that you aren't real skilled at yet.

    I don't remember if it's specifically mentioned in any of these, but it's important to learn concepts, instead of specific techniques. That way you get the thing that would be a move in a martial art, but also all the makeshift stuff that isn't technically a move but it still works like one. Also, it tends to be what you'll remember in motion- you'll see the potentional to bend someone's leg back, but probably won't remember an exact technique like an answer to a question.

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    Naturally increasing the odds in ones favor by any means necessary to survive with little or no injury is the only priority. Avoiding situations that your gut tells you to move away from and being quick about it will remove most potential threats. Its not about fighting. Fighting implies a contest and some degree of fairness. Fighting happens in the schoolyard with pimply faced teenage geeks or in the college dorm. Maybe handling an obnoxious drunk at the bar. Thats "fighting". SURVIVAL is in a whole different league. In fact you may face time in prison or at least crimimal court proceedings because you did SURVIVE and the other guy is dead. Remember the Trayvon Martin case? BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. And you could go to prison because you are guilty of SURVIVING BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY...Dennis

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