Why Do I Train? Why Do I Want To Be Strong? By Frank Delventhal, RKC, PCC
Why do you like to train? What is your goal?
Certainly most (younger) males train to look cool and to be attractive to women. Over time, that may change—at least it did for me, training became a way of life. It was fun to explore how far I could push the limits by doing more reps, or increasing the weights.
I was sweating "just" to write higher numbers in my training notebook.
Later I just trained to continue "normal" eating (which was still too much). I felt like it was easier for me to exercise more instead of limiting my food intake. As a side note, this approach does not work. wink emoticon
Then my training changed a lot, and not because I simply changed my mind. Unfortunately, in 2009 I injured my shoulder very badly. Too many reps with too much weight while using not-so-good form killed my right shoulder.
I could hardly lift anything, and when I tried to exercise, I had a lot of pain in my…read complete article: Why Do I Train? Why Do I Want To Be Strong? | Training - News | Dragon Door