Bored with your Training? Play Cards!

During my sophomore year in High School, I was at an overnight wrestling camp and was introduced to a new way to play cards. We didn’t play Poker, War, Go Fish, Black Jack or any of those other games, except for the occasional game of Knuckles. No, we did Push-ups through the full deck of cards. Once we went through the deck we would start over. The game then morphed into doing different exercises in accordance with the suits. An example would be Clubs = Push-ups, Diamonds = Sit-ups, Spades = Squats and Hearts = Bridges. I saw a workout online a couple of weeks ago and it reminded me of what we used to do, and thought that this would work great with Kettlebells.

Today, I put a workout together. We jumped rope for 3 minutes, did our Bo Staff Mobility Drills and then some Free Hand Stretching.

Here are the Rules of the Workout:

Two Kettlebells, one deck of cards.

Perform the amount of reps as follows:
All Numbered Cards are their face value.
All Face Cards are 10 reps.
Aces are 15 reps
Jokers are 20 Burpees.

Spades = Bottoms Up Squats
Diamonds = Push-ups (Vary the type if you wish)
Clubs = Snatches
Hearts = 2 Handed Swings

The whole workout yielded 495 reps.
99 - Squats
99- Swings
99 - Push-ups
198 Snatches (Do the number on the card for both arms)

We did a cool down and called it a night!

Have fun!

Strength and Honor!

Coach Phil Ross and