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    Question Need some advise on C-MASS

    Hi all

    I'm new to calisthenics, but I've purchased a few Dragon Door products. This is the first time I've registered on the forum to ask a question.

    I'm slightly confused with some of the guidelines/commandments inside C-MASS (I'm interested in building mass, not just strength) and would like some clarification from those of you who have a better understanding.

    • What is meant by a "progression" under the exercise routine templates? For example, "Pushup progression".
    • It also states that you shouldn't do a lot of sets, but that you have to embrace reps. How many reps is ideal on this. What happens if you do less reps on your last set, do you have to do another set to try and make it up? When do you know enough is enough??There is another thread on this, but there wasn't a clear answer given on some of this.
    • How fast/slow/controlled should I do these reps?
    • And lastly, how long do you have to rest between sets?

    Sorry for all the questions, but it would make me feel a lot better knowing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing.

    Thanks guys!

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    The progression is going from easier versions of the exercise to harder versions of the exercise. For example you might start with kneeling pushups, then advance to half pushups, then to full pushups, then to assisted one arm push ups. Or for leg raises you might do a hanging knee raise, then a full leg raise, then a v-up.

    6-20 reps, ideally 10. The exercise should be hard enough that you reach momentary failure before or at 20 reps.

    If you do less on your second set that is fine, you don't need to make them up.

    I would do the reps at CC cadence of roughly 2 sec, 1 sec pause if load bearing, 2 sec, 1 sec pause of load bearing.

    So for pushups it would be 2 sec down, 1 sec pause at the bottom, 2 sec up, no pause at the top.

    I don't think it says an exact time in the book but you should not rest a long time. A minute or two should be all you want.

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    I do one minute rests for everything except lever pushups. Two minutes for those, otherwise my reps are way lower.

    If you don't have CC picking up a copy would definitely help you decide what exercises to do within the CMass.

    I've never worried about speed too much to be honest. I keep the speed the same everytime and not count any reps that I use momentum on.

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