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    Default Qigong for building physical strength?

    I've been looking around now at different alternatives and was wondering if anyone here has any experience with Qigong for developing real strength? Also what have you experienced with it with stamina and endurance? Thanks

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    Almost all qigong systems are types of tendon changing and marrow washing. They provide benefits for the joints and tendons/ligaments which can help strengthen those parts of the body. Qigong also works on the internal organs. In my experience there is not much benefit to muscular strength. It can increase overall strength because you learn how to use the body as one unit, instead of separate parts, but it won't really build muscle. Good qigong will strengthen the core or dan tien. This is due to learning how to initiate movement from that area.

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    With Zhan Zhuan (the stuff in Chi Kung: Way of Power by Lam Kam Chuen- just to be specific & give a learning reference), you are basically doing isometrics at the very least. You hold whatever postures (it doesn't even seem to matter what they are- you can make different ones up) for however long & it works a lot of things- surprisingly, cardio among them. It feels like you just ran or got out of a sauna.

    Anyway, as far as muscular things go, I can see the isometrics being useful. Also, there's the concept of developing a "knee-jerk" only using what you need. Instead of the whole body being tense, only what you need is tense to the level that you need it. Sounds more "calculator-styled" than it actually is- the theory is most similar to the idea of not flexing your hand as hard as possible to pick up the phone's weight. At the very least, it keeps you from getting tired early.

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