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    Default West Side Barbell Program

    I have read some really great things about Louie Simmon's program for power lifters. Reading it online it seems a little complex but it looks like it'd be worth trying. They give specific exercises you are supposed to rotate through as a main exercises and say you are supposed to pick a few assistance exercises for your weaker body parts, I was wondering what assistance exercises would be useful to use in this program and what rep ranges would be good to work with. If you are unfamiliar with the program here is the link:

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    I did Westside years ago when I lived in Columbus. Even saw a guy blow both his knees out trying 775 squats without wraps or a warmup.

    The program has grown and evolved over the years. The gym is now invitation only.

    i would go to which is the home site. There is lots of knowledge and a weekly workout method for free that will get you started. You can sign up for newsletters and of course buy the requisite goodies.

    Good Luck with your Journey.

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