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    Thumbs up Hill Sprints: An Important Component for Every All-Around Athlete's Training Plan

    Hill sprints strengthen our musculoskeletal system.

    They teach us how to engage new groups of venous smooth-muscle cells (with the same neuron), which are rarely engaged in normal training.

    Hill sprints are a great way to simultaneously enhance training for maximum power, muscle building—sprints recruit a larger number of muscle fibers than weighted squats—and fat burning since they are a high intensity exercise performed in a relatively short period of time.

    In an optimally-designed training plan, sprints can be used to increase endurance and physical conditioning.

    In Kenya and Ethiopia, hill sprints have always the complete article.

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    I've had this on my to do list ever since I read that Walter Payton used to train with hills. I don't know of any hills so i use the stairs at work. Is there a website by chance that would list suitable hills ?

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