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Thread: Irish yoga

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    It would take 8 generations to go from full blooded to less than 1%. At 25 years per generation, 200 years max. Of course, some generations were much shorter.

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    Seems like alot of people are getting these kits lately. Sort of wish I did not do it. I liked having the idea that I had Blackfoot heritage. But, like I said its pretty much irrelevent now. Best to be happy with who you are as an individual than to cling to superficial mythologies. Lastly, I am proud of one thing for certain in that I was born an American. Its hard to be humble when you are the best..hheheh!!...Dennis

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    Quote Originally Posted by ad5ly View Post
    It all comes down to TOILET PAPER. In the modern western nations toilet paper is a necessity. In the 3rd world toilet paper is a virtually non-existent and nowhere to be found. Its sad but there it is....And I suppose Cork is lovely.
    I've heard of using cork for surfboard decks but never this HAHAHAHAHA.

    But seriously, I've read many complaints in science journals and blogs about the lack of accuracy and over marketing of DNA testing. Truly huge potential, esp medically, but not yet fully realized. Tons of fun though!

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