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    Default Strength and Endurance for BJJ

    I started BJJ again but I have to work on my conditioning. I'm a 38 years old man, husband and father of two beloved toddlers, therefore I really have a lack of time

    I train 2 up to 3 times per week BJJ (Tuesday, Thursday and sometimes Saturday). I'd like to do my conditioning on Sunday. I use the children's nap time for the strength conditioning and in the evening I plan to do the Viking Warrior Conditioning (VWC).

    (VWC): Currently I do 63 sets of 7 reps with my 16 kg kettlebell, I wan't to reach the 80 reps soon. I'm doing it once a week because the VWC is destroying my hands (even with two gloves, one above the other).

    Strength training: I plan to do these basic lifts:
    • Heavy squats
    • Heavy deadlifts
    • Bench press
    • Pull ups
    • Rowing

    I will do 3 sets with max. 6 reps each.

    What do you think about this plan? Can I do strength training on the same day like my VWC? I'm afraid this is too much stress for my lower back. Can I use a weight lifting belt?

    Any suggestions about my plan are appreciated!

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    I don't lift but it sounds like a lot of volume. I train ju-jitsu and workout as well. I keep it to 3 workouts per week for strength with 3 minutes rest between sets. I train ju-jitsu twice a week for 2 hours.

    My resting heart rate is below 50, and I don't get winded in ground work when everyone else does. I would say make strength the foundation of your program. The cardio can be your BJJ.

    I cannot offer specific advice about lifting. Although I think you're only supposed to use a belt for lifts that are very close to your max. Otherwise it makes your back weaker.

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    Shoulder exercise missing. You can split your training in an A B workouts if it's too much exercises in one session. Or you can just stick with the "big 3", bench, deadlift and squat. I doubt you can do a hard work with deadlift followed by a hard work with kettlbell.
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    You should not be tearing up your hands doing VWC. That indicates that you still need to improve your snatch technique. I would instead do kettlebell swings for the time being. I am not familiar with BJJ sport, but as other poster said perhaps you are getting sufficient cardio with your BJJ sessions. You did not mention how many days per week you plan to strength train. What specific programming are you putting into it? I am guessing 3 days per week? Like an A, B split like STRONGLIFTS perhaps. If BJJ is the major priority, be prepared to make adjustments to the S&C to accodomate your sport. In other words BJJ + VWC + Barbell Trng may be too much...Dennis

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