I believe I have diagnoses my shoulder injury but am not completely sure, so my question is two fold.

First, I have pain in the front part of my left shoulder only when doing pull-ups. No other exercise or movement can mimic the pain. The pain feels like a tendon, and eases as it s warmed up, though it takes a while. The pain is worse at the bottom of the pull-up and is present in any variation (wide, narrow, chin up, etc.). I played with a pulley flyweight to try to replicate an exact movement or position that caused the pain without luck. I can still do all other exercises without any pain (overhead press, benchpress, TGU, Cleans, deadlift, rows, cable pull-downs, ec.). The initial injury happened when I felt a pulling pain during flat benchpress and due to surgery took about 3 months off afterwards and what I described above is the only remaining effect.

I believe I have a minor impingement due to an inflamed rotator cuff, though am not 100% sure due to how specific the pain is. Does this seem accurate?

Second, if it is what would be the best way to recuperate the joint? So far I've been working on postural corrective exercises with a foam roller, doing more TGU's, and doing top position holds for pull ups with a slow negative since the pain is barely noticeable at that top position.

Thanks in advance for any input.