Dragon Door: How did you first get involved with fitness?
Jessica Renee Pino: I started as a gymnast at 3 years old and went on to compete at an elite level until I was 15.

In high school I played basketball, track and field, and volleyball. After high school I was into kickboxing.

But, ever since middle school I had a passion and love for fitness and athletics—I would even follow bodybuilders and fitness competitors.

After graduating high school I married young and had four kids right away. So, I didn’t get into a fitness career because I was busy with the kids.

At 30 years old, I was pregnant and about to deliver my fourth baby and began to think about my life. I wasn’t doing what I loved, or following my passions.

So, I went back to school about six years ago and took anatomy and kinesiology classes. I soon found out about kettlebells, starting training with them and loved it.

The Hardstyle aspect of kettlebell training reminded me of...read the complete interview here.