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    Default New PCC blog post: STREET WORKOUT is Here!, by John Du Cane

    New PCC blog post:

    By John Du Cane

    Life is mysterious.

    Small acts blaze up into wild firestorms.

    The glimmer of a slight desire transforms into an incandescent passion that seems to light the world.

    A single thought triggers a raging torrent of ideas. A casual encounter leads to the deepest of bonds.

    The force of creation sparks new patterns of beauty and insight. Webs of interconnection form beneath the surface of our understanding.

    We wonder why we do what we do, from where we came and to where we go…

    Of such stuff has been my friendship with two remarkable men, the brothers Al Kavadlo and Danny Kavadlo…

    It was Paul Wade who nudged the Kavadlos into my consciousness for the first time.

    A couple of rangy, flamboyant, tat-drenched, muscular misfits who decked out Convict Conditioning 2 with their calisthenic stylings.

    Their Human Flag—set in the same Alcatraz rec yard once haunted by Al Capone complete blog post

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    Is it going to be available in book format? This looks great, but I'm heading for Europe by mid-July (hopefully) & I won't have a computer.

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