Reminder: major discounts end on Friday, June 24 for these two PCC workshops taught by Danny Kavadlo:

Haarlem, Holland PCC, save $300.00 PCC035 | Dragon Door

Munich, Germany PCC, save $238.00 PCC033 | Dragon Door

Here is some of the outstanding praise from a previous Holland PCC:

Arthur de Regt, Holland Rotterdam Netherlands, Mechanic, Aikido teacher, Krav Maga Instructor, Dutch champion Powerlifting, Trojan Workout Kettlebell Instructor

This was far the test and most fun course I have ever followed. The instructors have lots of experience and are very down to earth (in a positive way). I feel I gained more strength during this weekend, and learned more about bodyweight than in other courses.

Rick Lablans, Utrecht, Netherlands, Social Psychologist / Krav Maga Instructor Expert Level 2. 25+ years experience in Martial Arts, double black belt. Certified TRX-instructor.

This is by far the most enjoyable course I ever participated in! Al and Danny’s enthusiasm, combined with their extensive knowledge, brought me to a higher level. Some times in small steps and detail, most of the time in big leaps!

Jonas Follmi, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands, Student and Sport trainer, Trojan Workout, Kettlebell training

Really great and wonderful time! It is expensive, but worth every penny!

Bart Runia, Holland, Netherlands, Student Human Movement Science, Krav Maga Instructor, Trojan workout instructor

It was an uplifting, positive experience. Quality of training was very high, every attentive and helpful.

Cecilia Götherström, Nälden, Sweden, Yoga teacher, Nutritionist

Fun, inspiring and extremely valuable. The knowledge and quality exceeds anything I have ever experienced till now. I found myself saying so often this weekend “I am so grateful I’m here”, as well as, “I am so happy I paid the money to do this”.

I feel I got so much training and knowledge I can with confidence train myself much better from now on as well as together with my yoga teaching experience and kettlebell training start personal training “tomorrow”. It is rare to see this extremely high level of quality just being “shared” instead of being indoctrinated

André P.A. Sepers, Holland, Netherlands, Krav Maga Instructor, Close Personal Protection Instructor, Kettlebell Instructor, Movement Instructor

It’s been a fun filled weekend with like-minded people, were I’ve been able to hone my skills and understanding of not only calisthenics but also other forms of strength training.

Quality of training was great, just as the coaching and teaching by Danny and Al.

Nico Ramaekers, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium, ICT professional/PT

The amount of information and experience received from both the instructors and the attendees, which all had different backgrounds was amazing. I feel more motivated then ever to keep working on “a better version of myself” (and the around me), and I am better “equipped” to do so than ever before. What I experienced during these 3 days will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Stellar! I had very high expectations they were completely surpassed.

Elkan Van Dijk, Noord-Holland, Netherlands, Krav Maga instructor and Trojan Workout kettlebell instructor

It was an awesome, super course, with Danny and Al as two very interactive, open to everybody instructors. They are very skilled and also able to teach everybody something new. One word: great!

The quality of training and knowledge was phenomenal. Danny and Al are both very easy-going and open characters. It was a great experience to work with them and I learned a lot!

Daniel Harris, Park City, UT, Business Analyst, Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor

Wonderful experience to see/hear from the best, most creative minds in the field. Always cool to be around a huge array of professions, nationalities and talents all with the same passion fitness.

Clearly Al and Danny practice what they teach. They presented, demonstrated and listened to participants as they provided their own insights to the practice.

Martijn van Driel, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands, Legal Office, Crossfit Trainer, Top Trainer (A) Overload Worldwide

Very fantastic in their way of teaching (I guess in personal training). They live on calisthenics and both are a great example. And that works for the course: they know they say, what they do and absolutely think what they want to share.

Roberto Zarotti, Luxembourg, RKC

Amazing experience with so much know how and skills that Al and Danny have to offer. And they do not save themself in showing, explaining, suggesting... a big step higher for anyone interested in improving strength and fitness.

Top quality – hard to find something to improve!

Ferry Brouwer, Zuidholland, Netherlands, Personal Trainer, Bachelor Exercise Science, Instructor 11 air maneuver brigade. MMA, TRX, Functional Training.

It has been very inspiring and there was so much energy from the teachers and group. The quality was a very high level and the instructors are two of the best in the world.